EPCS offers complete solutions for electrical power project with design and detailed engineering services to customer’s requirement, satisfying all statutory requirements meeting to the required national and international standards and codes.
Detailed Design and Engineering for HV / EHV substations and industrial electrification projects.

  • Soil investigation proposal layout.
  • Site work-Grading and drainage design
  • Tower structural and girder structural calculations and layout
  • Substation equipments support cultural calculations and drawings
  • Foundation and cable trench layout and routing
  • Architectural plan and elevation of control room, administrative building


  • Preparation of Single line Diagram.
  • Preparation substation /switchgear and control room layout.
  • Short circuit force - cantilever strength calculations and sag tension calculation
  • Detailed designing of complete substation/switchgears
  • Substation earthing and grounding(Design Calculations)
  • Lightning protection calculation
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting layout calculation
  • Calculation for Transformer, CT, VT, cable, Battery and charger sizing.
  • Cable voltage drop calculation
  • Cable schedule, Route layout and termination schedule
  • Design of Protection System
  • Relay Coordination and Short circuit Study
  • Relay and Control panel Engineering
  • Relay Setting Calculations, Recommendations and Protection Selectivity Study
  • Panel General Arrangement Drawings
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Bill of Material
  • Wiring Table
  • Panel Internal View
  • Panel Cut Out Drawings


  • Pre commissioning test of all substation equipments including transformers, CT’s, PT’s, Circuit breakers, isolators and relays etc.,
  • Pre Commissioning/ periodical testing of Protective relays of all type, check for its stability of actuation and complete functions.
  • Measurement of earthing resistance
  • Training customer regarding maintenance of electrical equipment in coordination with suppliers.


  • BOQ  & GTP’s  for Pre Bid engineering
  • Drawing out specification for electrical equipments  and projects based on customer’s requirements
  • Technical assistance for sourcing and procurement  of electrical equipment
  • System load flow study.
  • Study of transients, harmonics in the system and design of filters to filter them.
  • SCADA Integration services for projects.
  • Preparation of feasibility reports and detailed project report for electrification projects.
  • Vendor Evaluation and Third part inspection of equipment before dispatch.