Conditional monitoring
Management of the aging problem of electrical equipment including circuit breakers, power transformers, arrestors and protective system has become the most critical issue facing today's substation managers and engineers. EPCS assist customers in monitoring the electrical equipment and suggesting methods for life enhancement.
EPCS conducts periodical checking up of insulation condition of equipment with the periodical monitoring of the Tan ? (Dissipation factor to identify the insulation condition
EPCS educates customers and does conditional monitoring both Online and offline monitoring of functioning of electrical equipments including transformer, Circuit breaker, CTís. PTís and batteries.
EPCS has tie up with AVACO Canada
---† †for online DGA monitoring† with Morgan Schaffer System, Canada ( CALISTO)
--- for online monitoring of Bushing, PD for Transformers, generators and Motors† with.
Dynamic Rating-Australia
EPCS also does offline monitoring of equipment including SFRA of Transformers,Capacitance and Tandelta of CTís and PTís.
EPCS conduct pre commissioning test of conventional outdoor substations and Gas insulated substation.
EPCS conducts periodical monitoring of Generator system and assess the conditions ( with the measurement of capacitance, Tan-delta , and if needed PD) and suggests for improvements.