EPSC is backed by service of engineers with experience in maintenance/ analysis of power system faults and testing of electrical equipment
EPCS   offers the following:

  • Annual maintenance for substations and electrical equipment in industries & power sector.
  • Take up Electrical works of cement plants, sugar plants, steel plants, refineries and process industries to avoid major breakdowns due to failure of Electrical systems and extend the services for improvement to the existing equipment.
  • Educates customers regarding modern trends in maintenance –preventive, online and offline monitoring of electrical equipments, proper coordination of protection system.
  • Train engineers/staff of the customer on functions of electrical equipment, routine day to day maintenance of equipment, operational procedures for the system with quality and economy. Also train the engineers/ staff on safety and security in operations of the system with training on restoration of power for emergency requirement on isolation from the utility/self-power system.
  • Conducts routine tests on pre-agreed schedule to continuously monitor the condition of electrical equipment/ protection system and assure the certainty of protection.
  • Will attend to the emergency problems in substation/equipments and give consultancy to bring back them to normalcy in shortest down period.
  • Can take up the complete management of the electrical system with experienced/ trained  staff of EPCS