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ELECTRICAL POWER CONSULTANCY AND SOLUTIONS (EPCS) is established by a group of experienced Electrical Engineers with more than two decades of design /execution / operating experience in power system. We provide complete engineering solutions to ensure reliable and good governing of Electrical power system.

Our services include

  • Complete design of power stations,
  • Onsite pre-commissioning tests of electrical equipment
  • Annual maintenance of equipment on pre-agreed maintenance schedule and conditional monitoring of electrical equipment.
  • On site condition monitoring of Power Transformers for improvements of oil parameters
  • Study & Analysis of intricate problems in the power systems
  • Simulation study for Load Flow, Short Circuit, Relay Coordination, Harmonic Study of the system, Motor Starting/Transient Analysis using the latest proven licensed Software.
  • Testing of Power Quality at the Industries based on IEEE 519 / IEC 61000-4-30, using Class A, Power Quality Analyzer.
  • Training on aspects of Power System Equipment and Protection.
  • Online & Offline Condition Monitoring of Substation Equipment
  • Technical Support in sourcing of Substation equipment.